Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn
Backbone Radio - Aug. 19, 2012

Backbone Radio - Aug. 19, 2012

August 20, 2012

We’re sensing a shift in momentum over the past week, one that clearly favors Romney & Ryan — as Obama & Biden appear to be running against the wind, or rather a windfall of bad statistics on employment, mounting debt, and rising prices. Could just be the hot air from Vice President Joe Biden, the preternatural one-man gaffe machine, who appears to be taking his haplessness to the next level. Will Obama keep him on the ticket? We certainly hope so.

This Sunday we’ll feature we two terrific guests—Roger Kimball, editor of the New Criterion and one of America’s foremost cultural critics, about his new book “The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia.” Kimball’s nimble intellect will match his wit as we discuss the prospects for the survival of Western culture.

Kyle Forti will tell us about Media Trackers hot-off-the-presses stories about the wage gap in the General Assembly between Democrat women and their male co-workers, along with State Senator Linda Newell’s apparent campaign finance violations. We want to know what’s going on.

We’ll also talk about how Paul Ryan continues to energize the GOP ticket. He is having a substantive impact on the campaign, especially on the blockbuster issue of Medicare. We’ll say farewell to Helen Gurley Brown, the notorious long-time editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, discuss the recent violence directed at the conservative Family Research Council, and take our proverbial hats off to the court decision upholding the Pennsylvania Voter ID law.

PLUS: Are real books better than e-books? What’s this about a restaurant giving discounts to diners who leave their cell phones at the door? And what are we to make of Bill Gates’ new focus on toiletry?

Don’t miss the hard hitting commentary and hot bumper music. In honor of Vice President Biden, we’ll be playing our favorite songs about “chains.” Tune in to 710 KNUS or 1460 KZNT Colorado Springs or online at from 5 to 8 PM. Your smart choice for Sunday night radio.