Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn — November 19, 2017 — HR 1

November 19, 2017

Opening Monologue. Senator Al Franken, self-described "Giant of the Senate," is accused of sexual harassment by former model Leeann Tweeden. Establishment machinations against Roy Moore are temporarily derailed by the news, which happens to include photographic evidence. Some say Franken has apologized, but we're not so sure. We listen to an emotional interview from Ms. Tweeden and sample some speeches from Franken on the floor of the Senate. Should he resign? How sound are the predictable Establishment defenses of Franken? Meanwhile, we contemplate the heavy duty "Bad Karma" of the Left, which seems intent on stepping on every rake in sight. Unintended consequences of the forces of hate? How many more shall thus bite the dust? Also, we offer an NFL kneeling update with the hot new Neal McCoy song "Take a Knee My Ass." Plus, our tribute to the departed country singer Mel Tillis. With Listener Calls & Music via Green Day, John Lennon, Queen, Juice Newton, Neal McCoy and Mel Tillis.