Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Nov 29, 2015 - Hr 3

November 29, 2015

Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business Channel delivers an astute argument in favor of Donald Trump, and criticizes the “scorched earth” policies of the mean-spirited GOP Establishment. Why are our elites so hostile towards the American Middle Class? And why are big GOP Donors organizing for devious and ostensibly anonymous attacks against the GOP frontrunner? Why might GOP insiders actually prefer Hillary? We review a recent New York Magazine article by Jonathan Chait, as a typical specimen of unsophisticated leftist name-calling. Chait’s chain of pejoratives accuses Carson, Trump and the GOP of being: “knuckle draggers” who are “wildly xenophobic” and full of “frothing rage” and “unrestrained savagery” and who promote “lizard-brain America.” Nice! We also examine the radical progressive push at Princeton University to eradicate the name of radical progressive President Woodrow Wilson from campus. Where does that PC snowball stop? As American college kids now seem to obsess over “micro-aggressions” and “safe spaces” and apparently scorn the First Amendment — all as they pile on plentiful student loan debt — we question their true fitness for the real world. With music and listener calls.