Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - March 5, 2017 - HR 2

March 5, 2017

A conversation with Myron Magnet, Editor-at-Large of City Journal. Reviewing Leftist political violence on college campuses. How did a Middlebury College professor end up in a neck brace after her encounter with an angry mob of students? What do the political riots at Berkeley portend for the American future? How has the Orwellian Left -- which has clearly run out of ideas -- managed such Doublespeak against Free Speech? Also, notes on Charles Murray's study of the troubled "white working class" in America. Plus, President Trump takes on the Surveillance State. As the "permanent government" fights to hold power, we consider how President George Washington dismissed the Executive Branch bureaucrats of his own day. With Listener Calls & Music via Cat Stevens, Green Day, Le Castle Vania and Johnny Cash.     

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