Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 24, 2016 - Hr 3

April 24, 2016
What to make of the Obama Administration's plans to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill? We review the relevant history, as accompanied by Johnny Horton's "The Battle of New Orleans." Also, if Trump sweeps five more states next week, as expected, will it become increasingly problematic to deny him the nomination? Will "We the People" be willing to accept a procedural negation? Might down-ticket Republicans suffer in such a scenario? We listen to audio of Trump regarding his take on the "dishonest" media, the "rigged" political system and the reasons why he doesn't "take vacations." Might Trump have the best chance against Hillary in November -- or do the positive polls of John Kasich indicate otherwise? Plus, notes on the "media mirror" and its disfigurements of America and vignettes on child-rearing. With music and listener calls.  

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 24, 2016 - Hr 2

April 24, 2016

How perilous are the prospects for keeping the Republican Party intact? A conversation with paterfamilias John Andrews, former Nixon Speechwriter and President of the Colorado Senate. Is Bill Kristol "playing with fire" in his harebrained push for a Third Party? Did Trump's savvy strategy allow him to actually win Colorado in spite of losing all the delegates? What lessons in "citizenship" may we learn from the present political tension? Also, with Jennifer Kerns we discuss the latest in the Colorado GOP "#NeverTrump" tweet investigation and review newly proposed legislation to restore the Colorado Presidential Primary in 2020. Have Democrats outmaneuvered Republicans with the approach to "unaffiliated" voters? Plus, reflections on the passing of the pop icon known as "Prince." With music and listener calls.     

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 24, 2016 - Hr 1

April 24, 2016

Is it time for the GOP to unify around frontrunner Donald Trump? With large leads in delegates and votes, and with several favorable state primaries coming up, how close is Trump to closing the deal? The "#NeverTrump" fringes appear to be faltering of late -- possibly losing faith in their abilities to procure "procedural machinations" that deny Trump the nomination in Cleveland. However, could "power politics" disguised as "rules" and "moral principles" end up carrying the day for the GOP Establishment? If so, Sean Hannity avers he's "walking out" of the GOP. And so we ask: In such a scenario, how many spurned Trump supporters might never vote GOP again? Meanwhile, Ted Cruz stays in the race despite his mathematical impossibility of reaching 1237 delegates -- as does the math-challenged John Kasich, who says he's "got friends" who will be "on the Rules Committee" in Cleveland. With music and listener calls.     

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 17, 2016 - Hr 3

April 17, 2016

An audio review of August 2015 statements from the Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party on subjects including: Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump and golf. Can Republican voters in Colorado be assured of the neutrality of their party leadership? Can we feel confidence in the integrity of the present system? Also, we ponder Benjamin Franklin's dictum on the need to "question authority" to preserve our republic, and consider Thomas Jefferson's belief that "the ultimate powers" of a society are best left in the hands of the "people themselves." Plus, we listen to Trump advisor Paul Manafort discuss delegate strategy heading into Cleveland, and we replay a classic 1987 news broadcast from anchorman Dan Rather regarding a young Donald Trump's involvement in the Wollman Ice Rink restoration in New York City. With music and listener calls.    

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 17, 2016 - Hr 2

April 17, 2016

As the national battle for GOP Delegates intensifies, we further examine the tense state of affairs in Colorado. Should the caucus process be relegated to its "more committed" members? Do "party activists" know best what should be important to the voters of Colorado? With reporter Jennifer Kerns we review the Friday protests in Colorado, discuss the latest developments in the "#NeverTrump" tweet investigation by the Colorado State GOP, and assess August 2015 commentary from GOP State Party Chairman Steve House which appears to belittle Donald Trump for "playing golf" instead of preparing for a presidential debate. Suitably neutral? Also, we discuss Trump's solid essay on "the governing elite" in the Wall Street Journal and note a recent NBC-WSJ poll which suggests most GOP voters want the GOP nominee to be the "person with the most votes" -- not necessarily a majority of votes. With music and listener calls.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 17, 2016 - Hr 1

April 17, 2016

Have Colorado Republican voters been disenfranchised? Are "the rules" themselves part of a "rigged" system -- as Donald Trump alleges? Is Ben Carson right to bring references to the "Jim Crow era" into the present context? We review the chaos of the past week in Colorado politics. America watches as the Drudge Report continues to direct its mighty flamethrower upon the Colorado GOP. Why did the state party make a critical shift in the primary process back in August 2015? What was happening in the overall GOP Primary around that time? We listen to audio from Steve House, embattled Chairman of the Colorado GOP, as he defends the August change to the system and indicates a preference for diminished caucus turnout. The spirit of democracy? Plus, we measure the views of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on America as "democracy" versus "republic" -- and we honor the 216th anniversary of the passing of Benjamin Franklin. With music and listener calls.    

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 10, 2016 - Hr 3

April 10, 2016

Are ordinary voters being sidelined in American politics today? How much of a "democracy" do we really inhabit? How has the Colorado caucus system become so mutable and confusing? We listen to excerpts of Trump's speech today in Rochester, New York as he questions the "corrupt" political process and avers that the Establishments of both political parties are "disenfranchising" the people. We listen to new Trump strategist Paul Manafort's interview on CNN and also sample Al Wilson's suddenly relevant song "The Snake." Does the future lie with Globalism or Nationalism? Is the Republican Party getting ever closer to a definitive crack-up? With music and listener calls. 

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 10, 2016 - Hr 2

April 10, 2016

A conversation with commentator Jennifer Kerns, who shares her eyewitness reporting from last night's Colorado Republican State Convention. Did it all go down fairly? How reflective is the Ted Cruz delegate sweep of GOP voter sentiment in Colorado? How will the now infamous "#NeverTrump" tweet affect the state GOP and the broader national election? Meanwhile, the Trump campaign hires delegate guru Paul Manafort while signaling a pivot towards Cleveland. America's Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorses Trump and says Cruz cannot beat Hillary Clinton in November. Plus, we touch on trade, immigration and the "creative destruction" concepts of Joseph Schumpeter as applied to the Ruling Classes. With music and listener calls.     

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 10, 2016 - Hr 1

April 10, 2016

Kicking the GOP Hornet's Nest in Colorado. Controversy engulfed the Ted Cruz delegate sweep last night when the official twitter account of the Colorado State GOP sent out a preening "#NeverTrump" missive. The party quickly deleted the tweet and stated they are "investigating." The controversy has since exploded in the national media, with many supporters of Donald Trump questioning the integrity of the Colorado caucus system. Is the process being corrupted by Establishment Insiders? Are ordinary voters being disenfranchised? Is the election now being stolen from Trump? We discuss with a range of callers who attended the Colorado Republican State Convention, and we also offer a musical tribute to the passing of country music legend Merle Haggard.     

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Apr 3, 2016 - Hr 3

April 3, 2016

Interview with Roger Stone, former advisor to the Donald Trump campaign. Is the “Big Steal” already happening in the GOP Primary? We discuss. With music and listener calls.