Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 25, 2015 - Hr 3

October 25, 2015

Are we losing America? Is America disintegrating before our eyes? A spontaneous riff on the Ruling Classes, our political establishments and the diminishing naivete of the American people. On trade, immigration, debt, taxes and cultural values -- how now fareth Western Civilization? Aristotle described political activity as intrinsic to human nature -- but is there any way to escape our political culture? Is it possible to get off the political grid? If Trump has been leading the race for 100 days, and there's less than 100 days unto Iowa -- does anything stop the Trump Train? As the Jeb Bush campaign appears to implode, and as Marco Rubio badly fumbles a CNN interview -- might the path clearing for a Trump victory? Will GOP insiders sign a "loyalty pledge" to Trump -- or will they carry through on promises of "massive resistance"? Also, we take a look at Bill Kristol's predictions this week that Joe Biden would run for President and that Trump is "not gonna win" the nomination. With music and listener calls.    

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 25, 2015 - Hr 2

October 25, 2015

Interview with Jennifer Kerns, Beltway Correspondent. Is Jeb Bush looking for the exits? How well did Marco Rubio handle a tough CNN interview on his "missed votes" in the Senate? We take a listen and pronounce judgment. Will extreme pro-amnesty Rep. Paul Ryan become Speaker of the House? Why does Rush Limbaugh call Paul Ryan "the new Cantor" for "moving the donor agenda"? With the media running a victory lap after Hillary Clinton's testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee, we ask whether the celebrations might be a tad premature. Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush visits Denver this week to say of Sen. Ted Cruz: "I just don't like the guy." Better than an endorsement? And regarding Donald Trump, GOP Establishment figures promise "massive resistance" to the Trump campaign from here on out -- even though pop star Cher appears to offer her full endorsement of Trump. What to make of Carson's possible lead in Iowa? With music and listener calls.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 25, 2015 - Hr 1

October 25, 2015

A very bad week for Jeb Bush. As he cuts back on campaign staff and travel, we ask: How long will Jeb stay in the race? If recent unhappy interviews are any gauge, possibly not long. Trump increases his wide lead in the polls -- but Ben Carson might now be ahead in Iowa. Will outsiders Trump and Carson be savvy enough to avoid fighting amongst themselves? Meanwhile, former British PM Tony Blair apologizes for his role in the Iraq War. We contemplate the potential double-nominee irony of Democrat Hillary Clinton's pro-Iraq War record contrasted with Republican Trump's early opposition. Was Trump prescient about potential Bin Laden terrorist attacks in his pre-9/11 book? Also, we celebrate "St. Crispin's Day" with Shakespeare audio from Henry V, in Kenneth Branagh's rendering of the "band of brothers" speech at Agincourt. With music and listener calls.     

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 18, 2015 - Hr 3

October 18, 2015

Trump is basically in "last place" in campaign spending and fundraising. But yet "first place" in all the polls. So we ask: How truly necessary are the Big Donors and all the TV Ads for our primary candidates? Surprisingly, perhaps, Trump shows strength with working class "Union" voters -- Might they be peeled away from the Democrats? Trump praises America's "men in blue" as he brings several policemen on stage with him during a speech in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. Trump also discusses "the dreamers" and asks if it's acceptable to think of "our children" as being dreamers too. Xenophobia? Meanwhile, veteran GOP consultant Alex Castellanos sees Trump's support solidifying, noting that "doubters" have returned and sense they "may have only one last chance to rescue their country." Plus, we review new developments in Hillary Clinton's ongoing email situation, and we take a listen to Jeb Bush's quavering interview on CNN this morning -- Does he know it's over? With music and listener calls.       

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 18, 2015 - Hr 2

October 18, 2015

Jeb Bush says Donald Trump cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. Reminiscent of the old liberal LBJ attacks against conservative Barry Goldwater, we explore the validity of the accusation. And we ask: Do Americans really trust their "foreign policy establishments" anymore? Do our hyper-interventionist foreign policy experts truly possess expertise? Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Ukraine? Trump's stated foreign policy appears less interventionist than most other GOP candidates, as he declares an unwillingness to start "World War Three" over Syria and uses his early opposition to the Iraq War as an applause line in campaign speeches. Have we come full circle on Iraq? Further notes on the Jeb-Trump feud over 9/11. Will billionaire Sheldon Adelson support Marco Rubio? Would Adelson's support turn Rubio into "a perfect little puppet," as Trump contends? With music and listener calls.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 18, 2015 - Hr 1

October 18, 2015

Donald Trump steps on another sacred cow by pointing out that 9/11 happened while George W. Bush was President. Was Trump blaming GWBush for 9/11? Was this a valid point -- or something of a gaffe? An agitated Jeb Bush jumps in to defend the honor of his brother. Right move? Also, preliminary notes on the recent CNN Democrat Debate. A focused Hillary Clinton may have done what she needed to do, but was it enough to keep Biden out? And did Bernie Sanders show he might not really want to win? Meanwhile, Trump has increased his lead in the polls, while a dispirited, demoralized commentariat is showing signs of resignation to Trump's possibly inevitable primary triumph. So a key question: Will the GOP Ruling Classes support Trump as GOP nominee, or will they just burn down the building? Would GOP insiders prefer Hillary as President? With music and listener calls.     

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 11, 2015 - Hr 3

October 11, 2015

A comprehensive review of the Trump Phenomenon. Are we watching history in the making right now? Will they someday write books about Trump and the 2016 Campaign? Every week & every month he stays on top marks another week for GOP voters to see Trump as a viable, credible and acceptable nominee. And perhaps even inevitable. This week, notable anti-Trumpites including Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol have offered grudging praise for Trump's abilities as a candidate. Meanwhile, Trump quashes any rumors (or hopes) that he might ultimately quit the race, declaring he's "going all the way." More discussion of Trump's controversial take on private property and eminent domain. How big of a problem will this be for conservatives? Does his strong stance on border security indicate a concern for the private property of America itself? Also, a discussion of Rep. Paul Ryan's weak record on trade and immigration. Maybe a little too much "Atlas Shrugged" going on with Ryan? And a few notes from the GOP Commentator Graveyard, as elitist David Brooks accuses upstart Republicans of suffering "mental illness." With thoughts on the new movie "The Martian" and music and listener calls.       

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 11, 2015 - Hr 2

October 11, 2015

Beltway Update with Jennifer Kerns. How problematic is the chaos in the GOP right now? Lamentably bad, or possibly surprisingly good? Has the House Freedom Caucus gone too far this time? Why did Kevin McCarthy drop out of the race? Would Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, or Marsha Blackburn be a good choice for Speaker? Is principled GOP assertiveness in the House necessarily a bad thing? Is there a way to move beyond the "government shutdown" discourse in the media? Notes on Donald Trump's dominating impact on all things GOP. Where is this going? Also, a look at Hillary Clinton's ongoing difficulties on the campaign trail, including her recent amazing flip-flop on the TPP trade deal. Trustworthy? Integrity? What to expect from the upcoming Democratic debate. With music and listener calls.

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 11, 2015 - Hr 1

October 11, 2015

Exploring the present GOP Anarchy. The Ruling Classes melt down this week over chaos in the Speaker succession race. Insiders are on edge as Republicans contemplate a non-Establishment alternative to Boehner. But how big of a deal is this really? Maybe Republicans have a nice opportunity to line up better with their voters. In the "not helping" category, pro-Amnesty zealot Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) endorses Paul Ryan to be the next Speaker. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush describes himself as a "disruptor of the status quo" in Iowa, thereby inadvertently exhibiting a sense of humor. Hillary Clinton collapses 10 points in the polls this week, and liberal Andrew Sullivan describes Hillary as "terrible" and "unbelievably useless" as a candidate. Also, Donald Trump is joined onstage by ecstatic Latina supporter Myriam Witcher, and Democrat billionaire Barry Diller threatens to leave the country if Trump wins the election. A possible self-deportation? With music and listener calls.   

Backbone Radio with Matt Dunn - Oct 4, 2015 - Hr 3

October 4, 2015

Interview with Jennifer Kerns, Beltway Correspondent. Who shall replace Speaker John Boehner in the House? Who is Rep. Jason Chaffetz? Can Rep. Kevin McCarthy overcome recent gaffes on Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Select Committee? Also, audio excerpts from Donald Trump's speech this week in New Hampshire. What to make of Trump's statements that, if elected, he would send immigrant Syrians back home? Do you believe Trump loves America, and wants to make it great again? As the critics swirl around Trump, and as he continues to dominate the polls, do you give Trump the benefit of the doubt? Will he be able to "grind it out" in the months ahead? Does our current crop of political insider "experts" possess any true political "expertise"? With music and listener calls.